International Trade

To remain competitive in today’s global market, companies need an international trade team with recognized insight, hard-won experience, and a deep understanding of business operations.

A key player in the trade remedies field due to its crop of expert attorneys and highly impressive track record,” Kelley Drye’s International Trade team has helped businesses and industries remain competitive for more than five decades.

Navigating Trade Laws to Improve Profitability

We obtain relief for industries injured by unfair trade practices, initiating antidumping, countervailing duty and other trade remedy actions that benefit not only to companies and industries, but also their workers and communities. From small businesses to major U.S. industries and companies with global reach, we guide clients through complex trade rules and restrictions, helping them successfully import and export their products and services. We also help overcome barriers to entry in foreign markets and resolve cross-border disputes to ensure that our trading partners fully meet their obligations under international trade agreements.

Not only does the firm exude expertise in antidumping cases, but it is excellent in turning complex legal issues and precedent into understandable terms for clients.”

– Client feedback, Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business

Effective Crisis Resolution

We respond quickly when clients face embargoed goods and penalty proceedings and help them establish critical compliance programs that minimize regulatory risk, avoid supply chain interruption, and reduce customs liability.

Critical Insight Delivered in Real Time

Clients look to us for insight into the politics surrounding trade policy. We work closely with the firm’s government relations professionals to ensure that our clients get access to timely political information and resources as they push for advantageous public policy change. As one client told Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business, The firm’s in-depth knowledge of the U.S. political system and legislation, and its strong contacts with legislative staff are a real attraction.”

Legal Firepower and Economic Analytics

We combine the expertise of our trade attorneys, who are amongst the most highly rated, respected and experienced in the industry, with the analytical insights of our in-house economic professionals―Georgetown Economic Services.

We bring value to asset managers and M&A counsel by assessing and managing risk in critical areas of trade compliance during due diligence and evaluating the potential to use trade laws post-acquisition to improve target performance and maximize return on investment.

Global Reach

Our multicultural and multilingual team of lawyers, economists, advisors and consultants responds dynamically to cases falling outside of U.S. jurisdiction. Our team includes WTO practitioners that have decades of experience before the governing body, including dispute settlements and multilateral and bilateral trade negotiations.

We also participate in a global network of international lawyers, providing you with knowledge and experience in import and export laws and regulations in more than 75 major and emerging markets.

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