Kelley Drye works to continuously improve your experience with our firm by putting people, processes, and technology to work in novel ways.

In an ever-evolving and complex business environment, we engage with our clients to understand your pain points and collaborate on solutions that go beyond the traditional delivery of legal services.

Kelley Drye lawyers and a multi-disciplinary team of business and technology professionals bring together expertise in process improvement, workflow management, robotic process automation, financial reporting, data analysis, and business insights. We are keenly focused on addressing client needs in areas such as the effective and cost-efficient management of ongoing work, communicating to facilitate client decision-making and satisfy internal reporting requirements, and developing value-driven service offerings customized to your priorities.

Evolution, Not Revolution

Innovation does not necessarily mean revolution, and we recognize that our clients are most interested in new approaches that enhance efficiencies and results.

Using dashboards and budget alerts, custom status portals, and creative secondment arrangements, among other tools, Kelley Drye continues to evolve and reinvent our service approach in the practice of law. These process improvements and our operational acumen allow our attorneys to invest their time in doing what only lawyers can do: provide the high-value and strategic legal work that is of greatest benefit to our clients.

Deploying innovations in the practice is part of how we deliver exceptional legal service.

Case Studies