Strategic Pricing

Offering customized budgets and alternative fee arrangements that provide transparency and help avoid billing surprises.

Kelley Drye’s Strategic Pricing Department creates customized billing arrangements and analytics that align with our clients’ preferences and meet the unique objectives for the matter at hand. Whether the priority is to ensure predictability, resolve a matter quickly, or preserve cash, we will structure the arrangement to meet your needs.

Customized Budgets You Can Trust

When you need to know how much a matter may cost, our budgeting process helps you understand what to expect.

  • One size rarely fits all. We take time to understand your goals and priorities so that we may provide a detailed scope of work and corresponding budget that works for you strategically and financially.
  • Budgets are informed by data and strategy. We review extensive historical data to define a sample set of comparable matters, develop a scoping document, and create a comprehensive budget.
  • Our budgets meld historical data, our attorneys’ strategic approach to the case, and most importantly, our clients’ insights and engagement objectives.

Flexible Options

Should your matter demand a fee arrangement other than standard hourly billing, we offer creative alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) that balance risk and reward.

  • Fixed fees enable budget certainty that rewards efficiency.
  • Contingent fees align the fees you pay with the results you receive.
  • Hybrid arrangements combine fee structures that ensure a best-fit for you.

Engagement Management and Analytics

We have extensive reporting capabilities and continually monitor your cases by using advanced analytics tools that give early-warning of any departures from the plan.

  • We are alerted and take action if there is unexpected activity on the matter or the matter scope changes.
  • We create reports, such as budget updates or cash flow monitoring, to assist you in communicating with your internal stakeholders.
  • Reports are completely customizable with dynamic visualizations and dashboards.

Collaborative Partnership

We view the budgeting and engagement management process as a two-way partnership, rather than a one-off transaction.

  • We rely on client input into our proposed plan for each matter, how it will be executed, and at what level of investment.
  • Members of our Strategic Pricing team have worked in legal operations departments at Fortune 500 companies, at global law firms, and have been named ACC Value Champions. We apply this depth of experience and lessons learned for the benefit of our clients.
  • We aim to deliver value not only in the price we communicate at the outset, but in the experience we deliver throughout the engagement, giving you a budget that you can rely on from start to finish.