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We have decades of experience representing clients targeted by animal rights campaigns, legal challenges, and media outlets that disseminate and perpetuate misinformation.


In a rapidly developing market, communications companies need legal, regulatory, policy, and legislative guidance to accelerate growth and innovation.


Energy technologies may evolve at the speed of light, but the need for practical and forward-looking legal advice remains the same.

Fashion and Retail

In the fashion, luxury, and retail business, having a trusted brand is key. Companies must protect the value and reputation of their brands and related intellectual property.

Financial Institutions

Powerful forces are redefining the financial industry. Financial service providers are forced to innovate and adapt to deliver new products and services.

Food and Drug

With increasing collaboration between the FDA and the FTC, there is a notable shift in the regulatory and enforcement policies that affect food and drug companies.


We help manufacturers in almost every sector of the economy navigate the legal, regulatory, and transactional issues that allow them to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Media and Entertainment

We're known for our record of winning and resolving disputes arising from the creation and exploitation of creative works across all media.

Public Sector and Government Entities

Governmental entities face complex environmental issues that impact public health, economic and commercial interests, scarcity of resources, and environmental quality.


Transportation sector clients turn to Kelley Drye for help managing complex environmental matters that often arise from historical operations of railroads, tenants, or prior owners.


Tech industry players—from start-ups to global giants—turn to us for practical advice and partnership that helps them anticipate and solve business—not just legal—challenges.

Trade Associations

From antitrust issues to strategic planning, trade associations can have varied legal challenges that require comprehensive advice and advocacy.


The Oceans and Waterways group at Kelley Drye brings an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience to all aspects of marine, maritime, and ocean resource law.

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