Responsible Business

We are committed to enriching each of our communities – our clients, our people, and wider society.

Diversity & Inclusion

Advocating for the Proven Benefits of Diversity

We are committed to helping increase diversity within the legal profession. Our initiatives are informed by three Guiding Principles: to foster a diverse and inclusive professional environment, to maintain diversity in our ranks, and to promote our culture in our relationship-building efforts.

Pro Bono

Making a Difference Where It Matters Most

Our lawyers and legal professionals are empowered to pursue pro bono cases where they can apply their talents to follow their passions and benefit our communities. The initiatives we support are as varied and diverse as the individuals at our firm, and they share a common outcome: positive impact.

Firm leadership is committed to a robust pro bono program, and we remain 100 percent invested in each matter that the firm takes on.

In the Community

Nurturing Relationships Where We Work and Live

We are proud to support organizations that invest in the communities where our employees live and work. Our social responsibility is fully embraced by our employees, as the professionals throughout our firm actively provide financial support and volunteer service to charities and other associations whose work aids society at large.

Wellness and Well-Being

We Support a Healthy Work Environment

We are committed to the physical and emotional wellness of all at the firm and support good mental health practices in the workplace. Our firm promotes a holistic approach to well-being including mental health, physical well-being and other quality of life issues.