Tech industry players—from start-up and scale-up disruptors to global giants—turn to Kelley Drye for practical advice and legal insight that gives them the edge they need.

Technology companies are uniquely attuned to the forces driving change and the need for innovation. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robots, and autonomous vehicles, are among the many technologies disrupting business today. As new technology advances—and the related legal issues become ever more complex—the Kelley Drye team takes a practical approach to help you anticipate and solve business challenges while staying ahead of constant change.

With substantive depth in niche areas of the law and the tech savvy to keep pace with evolving technologies, we counsel clients through the thicket and pinpoint opportunities for growth while avoiding pitfalls. Throughout the full lifecycle of a tech business, we are a trusted partner: helping clients raise capital and secure IP, enter new markets, acquire critical technologies, navigate consumer protection and privacy regulations, protect trade secrets—and everything in between.

The largest software and information technology companies in the United States have relied on us for years, and we seek to develop similar long-term relationships with all our technology clients. Our clients include AdTech companies, cybersecurity services, hardware manufacturers, internet service providers, SaaS and IaaS platforms, software and content developers, wireless companies, and many more.

Regulatory Support Informed by Government Experience

We have expansive regulatory practices that include numerous former regulators and government officials, including industry-leading FTC and practices. We also offer robust specialty teams on advertising, antitrust, communications, ESG, privacy and cybersecurity, and other consumer protection issues. We counsel companies that use AdTech, carefully steering them through an increasingly complex legal, regulatory, and self-regulatory landscape, steering them through an increasingly complex legal, regulatory, and self-regulatory landscape.

IP Strategies to Protect Valuable Assets and Innovations

Our intellectual property team can help you protect your most valuable trade secrets and innovations through patent prosecution and litigation, copyright and trademark prosecution and litigation, and the use of restrictive covenants.

A Deep Bench of Litigators

Our deep bench of trial-tested litigators represents tech clients in commercial litigation, class action defense, trade secrets and restrictive covenants, ADA website accessibility, and white collar investigations and enforcement, among other contested matters.

Global Reach to Support Growth

We offer international trade experience and global regulatory support (such as CFIUS, export controls, FCPA, and customs). We also have a unique and award-winning India practice.

Technology Transactions and Corporate M&A

We handle large and complex tech transactions and sourcing arrangements, such as agreements to provide SaaS platforms, to execute joint ventures involving the global cross-licensing of data, and to implement robotics, AI, and payment processing solutions for clients on both sides of the deal. We also offer a full range of corporate and M&A support for tech clients. From tax and antitrust merger clearances to ESG, private equity, and venture capital, Kelley Drye offers legal support to tech companies at critical moments of growth and expansion.

Team Members