Trade Secrets and Restrictive Covenants

Trade secrets are often your most valuable asset, and the impact of stolen information can be devastating to your company. We help clients take measures to secure their assets and implement gatekeeper policies.

Trade secret theft can result in loss of competitive advantage, reduced returns and profitability, and devaluation of goodwill. New technologies and increased employee mobility in today’s global economy present mounting challenges to protect confidential information that can be critical to a business’s success.

With an interdisciplinary team that brings together strengths in litigation, IP, labor and employment, and privacy and information security, we help clients protect valuable information, and we aggressively defend them against related allegations. We also conduct internal investigations for clients in response to misappropriation allegations, navigating complex employment and technology issues.

Our lawyers have broad experience both asserting and defending cases involving misappropriation of trade secrets, the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, the Defend Trade Secrets Act, the Economic Espionage Act, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, state criminal codes, restrictive covenants, employee raiding, customer raiding, and departures of key employees.

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