State AGs to Businesses- Protect your Customers from Criminal Activity

| 4 min

This week, 22 State AGs led by Wisconsin, sent Hyundai and Kia a letter criticizing the companies’ lack of anti-theft immobilizers and use of a customer service campaign instead of a recall to address the problem. The letter blames the car makers for lack of responsibility for the crisis” of car thefts with alarmingly high rates of thefts” saying they are harming consumers and affecting public safety. Vehicle owners, the letter states, may be unable to insure their automobiles as insurance companies State Farm and Progressive have announced they have denied policies. The companies made the choice not to follow suit regarding industry practice to include the anti-theft devices as standard in the US, yet included the immobilizers in Canada and Europe. (It should be noted that Canada and EU transportation agencies appear to require these by law, and NHTSA does not).