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Join Kelley Drye’s State Attorneys General Ad Law team for Part ll of our webinar led by Chair Paul Singer and Special Counsel Abby Stempson and Beth Chun. We have invited our special guests back from Part l, Stephanie Guyon, Deputy Attorney General, Idaho Office of Attorney General, and Kevin Anderson, Senior Counsel for Consumer Protection and Multistate Litigation at North Carolina Department of Justice.

We will continue our roundtable discussion on investigations and enforcement actions led by state attorneys general (AGs) and the broad authority the states have to perform pre-litigation discovery through investigative subpoenas, often called ​civil investigative demands or CIDs. In Part l, we discussed common issues that may trigger a state – or multi-state – investigation, other pre-suit investigatory authority, and the basics of a CID. Join us for Part ll, as we discuss:

  • Types of objections to CIDs businesses may make
  • Background and caselaw on AG CID authority
  • Strategies for avoiding an AG inquiry

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California ​“Junk Fee” Statute Now Fully In Play with New Twist from Last Minute Legislation

As we previously reported, the California AG’s office recently provided clarification through FAQs on the California ​“hidden fee” law that amended the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, SB 478. Those FAQs articulated the position that restaurants must include all mandatory fees, including service charges and mandatory gratuity, as part of the displayed price for a product, while distinguishing delivery fees on the grounds that those fees are for a separate service.

State AGs Support FTC Enforcement Action Against Intuit

Last week, a coalition of 22 state AGs filed an amicus brief in support of a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) cease-and-desist order that prohibits tax software giant Intuit (the creator of TurboTax) from certain advertising practices relating to its free tax preparation software. Intuit asserts that the FTC’s decision is not supported by substantial evidence because its conduct was not deceptive. Further, Intuit argues that the FTC made legal errors in applying deceptive business practices standards. For example, Intuit asserts that the FTC improperly applied an unprecedented, heightened deception standard to advertisements containing a ​“free” message. In addition, since Intuit reached a prior multistate settlement, Intuit argues that the FTC Order should be overturned. In 2022, a coalition of 50 states and the District of Columbia secured $141 million from Intuit as part of a settlement that resolved state investigations into claims that Intuit deceptively marketed and advertised TurboTax.

Arkansas AG Files Suit, Labels Temu a Data-Theft Business

Tim Griffin, Arkansas Attorney General, did not mince words when he filed a lawsuit against the parent companies of Temu, stating in a press release, ​“Temu is not an online marketplace like Amazon or Walmart. It is a data-theft business that sells goods online as a means to an end.” He further commented that, “…Temu is functionally malware and spyware.” The 51-page complaint was filed against WhaleCo. Inc. d/b/a Temu, and its owner, Chinese e-commerce company PDD Holdings Inc. Like General Griffin’s press release, the complaint leaves little to the imagination about the state’s feelings toward the popular online shopping platform, which, according to the complaint, was the most downloaded app in the United States in 2023 and is responsible for tens of millions of shipments into the country each year.

2024 AGA Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

The Attorney General Alliance (AGA) hosted its 2024 Annual Meeting this June, bringing together State AGs, staff, and industry for discussions on a number of topics important to AGs, including AI (again), nonpartisan cooperation, partnering with criminal law enforcement including in the fight against fentanyl, supporting small businesses and free enterprise, and protecting America’s youth.

Junk Fee” Legislative Roundup

For the past several years, state AGs have been ​“checked-in” when it comes to hidden hotel and resort fees. (Revisit our round-up of AG actions against those fees here). To date, these enforcers have largely relied on their standard unfair and deceptive trade practice authority under state consumer protection laws to combat practices like so-called drip-pricing or ​“hidden” fees.



Circuit Court Denies TikTok’s Motion to Dismiss, Deceptive Trade Practices Lawsuit will Continue in Union County


Attorney General Bonta, L.A. City Attorney Feldstein Soto, Announce $500,000 Settlement with Tilting Point Media for Illegally Collecting and Sharing Children’s Data


CONSUMER ALERT: As New State Law Protecting Floridians from Moving Scams Takes Effect, AG Moody Issues Warning


Attorney General Labrador and 42 Other States Reach Landmark $700 Million Settlement Against Johnson & Johnson Over Misleading Safety Claims


Nebraska Attorney General Hilgers Announces First Settlements in Campaign Against Delta 8 Retail Industry

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Files Lawsuit Against TikTok, Inc. Alleging Unfair and Deceptive Acts or Practices for Harming the Mental Health and Well-being of Children

New York

Attorney General James, Governor Hochul, and Bill Sponsors Announce Nation-Leading Legislation to Restrict Addictive Social Media Feeds and Protect Kids Online Signed into Law


AG Henry Reaches Settlement with California-Based Lender over Alleged Illegal Tip and Donation Scheme, Saving Pennsylvanians Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars


Attorney General Ken Paxton Notifies Over 100 Companies of their Apparent Failure to Comply with the Texas Data Broker Law that Protects Consumer Privacy


AG Ferguson: Plastic Surgeon Must Pay $5 Million for Illegally Manipulating Consumer Ratings

West Virginia

Attorney General Morrisey Issues Statement Following SCOTUS Ruling on Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy

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