NYC Employers Take Notice: Notice Requirements Pursuant to the Stop Sexual Harassment Act” Take Effect September 6, 2018

While a slew of laws relating to sexual harassment are set to take effect in New York City and New York State this fall, the most imminent provision-applicable to all New York City employers-is set to take effect on September 6, 2018.

The provision requires all employers with employees working in New York City (regardless of size) to conspicuously display an anti-sexual harassment rights and responsibilities poster in both English and Spanish and distribute a factsheet on sexual harassment to new hires. Instead of distributing the fact sheet, employers have the option of including such information in an employee handbook. This provision is just one of the many new requirements employers must follow under the Stop Sexual Harassment Act, which was enacted by Mayor Bill de Blasio on May 9, 2018.

While only employment attorneys would enjoy making the required notice and factsheet from scratch, employers need not fear-the New York City Commission on Human Rights recently published both the required notice and factsheet, which can be found here and here.

This provision applies to New York City employers only, but all employers in New York State should take note that Governor Cuomo’s newest anti-sexual harassment requirements take effect on October 9, 2018. For the first time, the state is mandating both a written policy and annual training for all employers. For more information regarding the New York State provisions, see our blog post.