How To Protect Employee/HR Data and Comply with Data Privacy Laws Wednesday, July 20

As workforces become increasingly mobile and remote work is more the norm, employers face the challenge of balancing the protection of their employees’ personal data and privacy against the need to collect and process personal data to recruit, support and monitor their workforces. Mounting regulations attempt to curb employers’ ability to gather and utilize employee data—from its historical use in processing employee benefits and leave requests to employers’ collection, use or retention of employees’ biometric data to ensure the security of the organization’s financial or other sensitive information systems. Learn what employers can do now to protect employee data and prepare for the growing wave of data privacy laws impacting the collection and use of employee personal data.


Avoiding Price Gouging Claims Wednesday, August 3 Recently State Attorneys General, the House Judiciary Committee, and many others have weighed in on rising prices in an attempt to weed out price gouging and other forms of what they deem corporate profiteering.” States and federal regulators are carefully looking at pricing as consumers and constituents become more sensitive to the latest changes and price gouging enforcement is an avenue states may be able to use to appease the public. Unlike other emergencies in the past, the current state of supply chain and labor shortages, along with skyrocketing costs for businesses, make it unrealistic for companies to simply put a freeze on any price increases. This webinar will cover:

• The basics of price gouging laws and related state emergency declarations and how to comply • The differences and varied complexities in state laws • General best practice tips • How AGs prioritize enforcement


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