Kelley Drye Hosts Webinar on Privacy in the Mobile Applications Space

On May 16, 2011, Kelley Drye’s Privacy and Information Security practice hosted the webinar Mobile Applications: Privacy and Data Security Considerations, which is part of the practice group’s Cutting Edge Technology Series. More than 80 participants joined Kelley Drye partners Dana Rosenfeld, John Heitmann, and Alysa Hutnik to review key privacy and legal principles applicable to companies that develop, market, sell, or deliver mobile applications (“apps”).

The mobile apps market, which is projected to reach nearly $4 billion in 2011, is attracting increased legislative and regulatory scrutiny, along with substantial litigation exposure, due, in part, to recent high-profile investigative news stories highlighting consumer privacy and data protection issues and omissions in consumer disclosures. During the webinar, the Kelley Drye partners reviewed the mobile app ecosystem and the current legal landscape. The partners then discussed emerging best practices and due diligence measures that can be used by all entities in the mobile app delivery chain to help minimize their legal risks. The plan encourages ongoing collaboration between a company’s legal, business, and technical stakeholders, and offers practical considerations relating to app design, the consumer experience, and contractual protections.

Please contact any of the partners noted above with questions concerning the privacy and data security principles applicable to the mobile apps space.

Click here to view and listen to a recording of the webinar.