Advertising and Privacy Law Workshop: Charlotte Edition

Please join us on May 1 in Charlotte for a half-day workshop covering the latest advertising and privacy law developments. This interactive event will provide an update on crucial consumer protection issues, deliver practical guidance and benchmarking, and offer an opportunity to connect with peers across a variety of industries.

This workshop will be open to the public but registration is required. Register here.

Agenda Highlights

Working with Influencers and Paid Partnerships

Marketing with influencers and celebrities can help companies capture consumer attention, but there are enough legal headaches to make you dizzy. Not only do companies need to worry about complying with the law, they need to worry about whether the talent will do anything to harm their brands. Although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to these issues, we will discuss the key legal requirements and provide practical tips for your campaigns.

FTC Update

Now that the FTC has a full slate of new commissioners, and is nearing conclusion of hearings examining the agency’s past and future policy and enforcement approach, what can businesses expect to see from the FTC in terms of policy and enforcement changes? This session will discuss these updates and the practical ramifications for industry.

Privacy Strategy: Planning for California’s CCPA and Beyond

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) takes effect January 1, 2020. A number of states are following with efforts to enact their own comprehensive privacy laws. Federal legislation that preempts such state laws also remains a possibility. This session will focus on practical steps that companies can take now to address their privacy compliance obligations in the United States, along with best practices for data risk management.

Class Action Update

The plaintiffs' bar is more active than ever. This session will discuss current issues and trends in consumer protection litigation, with a particular focus on Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) class actions.

Advertising Technology: Key Legal and Self-Regulatory Developments

Recently-enacted laws with global impact and high-profile privacy and data security events with associated industry scrutiny have major implications for companies that create and support targeted advertising and those that leverage the resulting insights. This session will provide strategies to carefully navigate the increasingly complex legal, regulatory, and self-regulatory AdTech landscape.

Consumer Protection and Privacy Panel

Update on some of the other significant developments that companies should have on their radar.

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