How Do FDA and FTC Regulate Traditional Medicine Products?

Nutritional Outlook

Partner Kristi Wolff addressed the growing trend of natural and alternative health products in a Nutritional Outlook article, titled How Do FDA and FTC Regulate Ayurveda Products?” The article covers Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of holistic medicine that combines the use of plants and herbs as medicinal treatment and a variety of lifestyle practices, including for diet and exercise. The article also discusses traditional Chinese medicine practices and homeopathy. Kristi notes that as the market has grown, so have advertising claims around ingredients or products with ties to these systems. She covers the FDA regulation of complementary and alternative medicine” and FTC guidance on substantiation of claims. Kristi suggests that, companies marketing in this space will want to be sure to consider the forthcoming new guidance and the full body of available substantiation to determine whether the FTC’s competent and reliable scientific evidence” standard can be met.

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