Paul Singer Quoted in The New York Law Journal’s Article on 4 New Types of Lawsuits Against Social Media Platforms

The rise in social media are upbringing new trends around lawsuits against social media platforms and the Big Tech companies that govern them. While users populate sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the politicization around First Amendment protections and hate speech are spilling over into litigation as plaintiffs seek to limit the scope of social media. In this article, Singer offers his insight on the argument that social media platforms should operate under the same free speech protections as common carriers.

For states like Florida and Texas, I think the question of whether these entities should be treated as common carriers is really an extension of this same ongoing debate given the rapid growth and reliance on social media today, what’s the right regulatory approach?” said Singer. States are looking at all the tools they have available to get a handle on what that framework should be, which includes novel legislation.”

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