NFL Hit with Automatic Renewal Lawsuit (and Hyperbole)

| 3 min

Last week, a plaintiff filed a proposed class action against the NFL over its automatic renewal practices. The plaintiff alleges that the company used deceptive practices to automatically subscribe its Game Pass users to a new streaming service, NFL+, without their clear knowledge or consent, and that the NFL later made it difficult for them to cancel. It’s a little hard to tell from the complaint exactly what happened, but the gist of the argument is familiar.

The plaintiff alleges that when he learned that his Game Pass subscription was going to be converted to an NFL + subscription, he attempted to cancel. He found the cancellation instructions to be unclear and unintuitive, and he was charged a fee, even after he thought he had cancelled. His attempts to resolve the problem by talking to chatbots and live representatives were frustrating and didn’t help. The complaint then makes some interesting guesses about what happened behind the scenes.