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Message from Kelley Drye’s Chair

Dear Clients and Friends,

It’s hard to believe that we have\"Jim passed the one year mark of the pandemic, but with vaccines rolling out, capacity restrictions beginning to be lifted throughout the country, and updated mask guidance from the CDC, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. While I am proud of how we’ve been able to successfully continue business operations and connect with clients remotely, I am looking forward to seeing clients, my partners, and the Kelley Drye team in-person once again.
I’m also looking forward to having our clients and friends visit our new, dynamic office space at 3 World Trade Center in lower Manhattan which we took occupancy of in February. 3 World Trade Center is a state-of-the-art building that mirrors Kelley Drye’s commitment to innovation and growth, allowing us to serve our clients in a transformational new space while providing a quality work environment for our employees. The move brings the firm back to its roots, as the new office is located just three blocks from Kelley Drye’s original offices at 47 Nassau Street, where the firm was founded in 1836.
Speaking of our firm’s roots, in this issue of The Kelley Drye Brief you’ll learn more about our Kelley Drye Then and Now campaign, which celebrates the 185th anniversary of the firm’s founding and two key mergers that have had a dramatic impact on the evolution of the firm – the 15th anniversary of the merger with Collier Shannon Scott, and the fifth anniversary of the merger with Jackson Gilmour & Dobbs. You’ll also find information on our new CLE catalog and upcoming events, including a webinar series for startups that we are co-hosting with Cornell Tech.

All my best,
Jim Carr, Chair of Kelley Drye

CLE Catalog, Upcoming Events and Recordings

In an ongoing effort to help our clients stay abreast of legal trends and assist in-house counsel in fulfilling the minimum continuing legal education requirements of their jurisdictions, we are pleased to announce that Kelley Drye’s CLE Catalog is now available on our website.
With over 100 programs covering dozens of legal specialties and industry-specific issues, we are confident that our clients will find topics that are relevant and timely for their organization.

Please feel free to contact your Kelley Drye relationship partner, or anyone on our CLE team below, to talk about your 2021 CLE requirements. We also encourage you to reach out and request a CLE program that is customized to your team and its education goals.

CLE Team Contacts
Heather Tighe
Practice Development Manager
(202) 342-8426

Jeff Scurry
Practice Development Manager
(202) 342-8862

Cali Mazzarella
Professional Development Manager
(212) 808-7564

Kelley Drye is an accredited provider of NY, CA, IL and TX CLE and, when possible these programs will offer continuing legal education credits in those states. We will apply for CLE credit in other jurisdictions, upon request, but cannot guarantee approval.

Upcoming Kelley Drye webinars include:
Startup Workbench Webinar Series
Launching a startup requires innovative ideas, hard work, good timing, and luck. Student entrepreneurs are addressing the technical, scientific and financial issues in your venture. Now, they must deal with the usual legal issues confronted by startups. The formation of a startup company and its financing may appear deceptively simple. But, a startup faces a multitude of complex legal issues which, if mishandled, can have a substantial and sometimes irreparable negative impact on its business. These areas include, among others, intellectual property, intra-company relationships, securities issuance and ownership, tax, trade secrets, employment, and competition issues. Addressing them thoroughly and competently is crucial to success. Avoiding mistakes is critical and we are here to help.

Join Kelley Drye lawyers in helping Cornell Tech entrepreneurs address these issues.

Visit our website for upcoming webinars in this series.

Restrictive Covenants 101: NDAs, Non-Competes and Other Tools To Protect Your Company
Tuesday, June 22, 12:30 pm Eastern time
A company’s proprietary information and business relationships are critical to its success, but these assets can also walk out the door with any one key employee. Too few companies take a considered approach to protecting those assets. NDAs and non-competes can help, but using them without a holistic strategy can be worse than using no protection at all. Join the Kelley Drye Labor and Employment team for a practical look at how to use—and not to use—restrictive covenants, and how to tailor them to your company’s unique needs.

Click Here To Register.

If you’ve missed some of our recent CLE programs, recordings are now available:


Spotlight on Kelley Drye’s Commitment to Pro Bono

A key aspect of the Kelley Drye culture is our commitment to give to those who need it most, both through charitable contributions and through the willingness of our attorneys to provide pro bono legal services in the communities in which we work and live.

Our attorneys and professionals from across the firm deliver excellent work in many areas of pro bono service. These matters include, for example: immigration advocacy for LGBTQ+ and unaccompanied children, creation of nonprofits and delivery of related legal counsel, and advancement of racial equality.

In recognition of this important work, the firm has recently updated the Kelley Drye pro bono webpage. The page outlines our commitment to helping those in need, and shines a light on how we are giving back in our communities through various impact initiatives. Please visit the site to read stories told by Kelley Drye attorneys actively providing legal services and hear from clients about the significance of this work.

Can’t Miss Content

Check out some of the recent content produced by Kelley Drye lawyers.

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Kelley Drye Then and Now

2021 marks a unique confluence \"185of milestones for Kelley Drye. As we move into new office space in New York City, we also look back to celebrate the 185th anniversary of the firm’s founding and two key mergers that have had a dramatic impact on the evolution of the firm – the 15th anniversary of the merger with Collier Shannon Scott, and the fifth anniversary of the merger with Jackson Gilmour & Dobbs.

On this occasion we as a firm reflect on a series of questions:

  • What impact have we had on our clients and on the legal profession?
  • What has changed about our approach to client service and why?
  • What do we want the next 185 years at Kelley Drye to look like?

As we pondered the answers to these questions, we uncovered an amazing historical progression that traces the course of not only our firm but also our nation. Our rich history has influenced our portfolio of legal services and guided our approach to daily interactions with clients.

Over the coming weeks and months, Kelley Drye will open the archives to share photos and memories from our history, noting the themes that have carried over time to influence our engagements with our clients. These will include: key milestones, office additions, notable attorneys who have been a part of our community, technological firsts, and fun trivia facts.

We are proud of our heritage. The days and years ahead offer potential for great contributions to our clients, our communities, and our lawyers and staff. To truly visualize the future of Kelley Drye, we must understand something about our past, and I hope that you will discover that this history provides not only a fun reflective exercise, but also a direct pathway to understanding how we became the firm we are today and how it impacts the services we continue to provide clients.

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