Ad Law News and Views-November 3, 2016

Recent News

FTC Releases New Data Response Breach Guide For Businesses

FTC Associate Director for Advertising Practices Elucidates the Commission’s Handling of Referrals From NAD

FTC Announces Settlement of Made in USA” Litigation

FCC Votes to Impose Aggressive New Privacy Rules on Broadband Providers

FCC Flexes Muscle: T-Mobile to Pay $48 Million for Failing to Disclose Limits on Unlimited’ Data

Spotlight on the International Trade Practice Group

Kelley Drye’s leading International Trade practice guides clients through complex trade rules and restrictions to address injury caused by imported goods, as well as to successfully import and export their products and services. We are noted for our capability in protecting U.S. manufacturers against unfairly traded goods and for our insight into the politics surrounding trade issues. We also regularly help our U.S.-based clients overcome barriers to entry in foreign markets, such as defending clients in trade cases brought against U.S. exports in Mexico, South Africa, and various European and Asian countries. Beyond our significant experience with antidumping (AD), countervailing duties (CVD) and other trade remedies, we have robust export, customs and international dispute resolution capabilities. Our team responds quickly to client crises – such as when clients face embargoed goods and penalty proceedings – and also counsels clients on tariff preference programs and compliance with customs and trade regulations including classification, valuation and country of origin.

To learn more about the International Trade practice group, please visit our list of attorneys and check out the The Trade Advisor newsletter. To sign up, fill out the form here and select International Trade under Interests.


Message from the ABA Antitrust Section Chair

As chair of the American Bar Association’s Section of Antitrust Law, partner William MacLeod authors monthly addresses on recent changes in antitrust and consumer protection. To read this month’s Message From The Chair, click here.

How Do FDA and FTC Regulate Traditional Medicine Products?

The growing trend of natural and alternative health products was addressed in a Nutritional Outlook article, titled How Do FDA and FTC Regulate Ayurveda Products?” The article covers Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of holistic medicine that combines the use of plants and herbs as medicinal treatment and a variety of lifestyle practices, including for diet and exercise. Read more...

Navigating the Legal Pitfalls of Augmented Reality

Partner Alysa Hutnik had her 2012 Mashable article Navigating the Legal Pitfalls of Augmented Reality” re-published in the Internet Marketing Guide to Everything. The article notes that, while part of a niche industry, AR applications are being championed by tech players like Google and Nokia, and a host of mobile app developers have launched AR apps for the growing number of smartphones and portable computing devices. Read more…

Upcoming Events and Speeches

Overview of Consumer Protection Laws
November 3, 2016”,“NEW ORLEANS, LA
National Association of Settlement Purchasers 2016 Annual Conference

US in the World of Food: International Constraints and Opportunities
November 4, 2016”,“WASHINGTON, DC
Food and Drug Law Institute’s Law and Food Systems: Institutional Pathways to a New Paradigm

Basics of Advertising: A Fresh Spin on Proof, Disclosures & Social Media
November 9, 2016”,“CHICAGO, IL
2016 ANA/BAA Marketing Law Conference
Gonzalo E. Mon

Food Law, Regulations and Agency Fundamentals: An Essential Primer on Applicable Laws and Key Agencies Having Authority Over Food​
November 14, 2016”,“CHICAGO, IL
American Conference Institute’s Food Law and Regulation Boot Camp

2016 Fall Forum
November 17, 2016”,“WASHINGTON, DC
American Bar Association’s Section of Antitrust Law
William C. MacLeod

Mitigating Risk in Advertising Supplement Claims
December 8, 2016”,“ALEXANDRIA, VA
Dietary Supplement Regulation: Labeling and Claims Conference