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Privacy Priorities for 2022: Legal and Tech Developments to Track and Tackle

Kelley Drye
January 26, 2022”,“Webinar
Alysa Hutnik

State Attorney General Consumer Protection Priorities for 2022

Kelley Drye
January 27, 2022”,“Webinar
Paul Singer

TROPT Data Privacy Week 2022

January 26-27, 2022”,“Webinar
Alysa Hutnik

Advertising Claims 101 – A Complete Roadmap to a Successfully Substantiated Advertising Campaign

February 2, 2022”,“Webinar
Gonzalo Mon

2022 Antitrust Law Spring Meeting

April 5-8, 2022”,“Webinar
Alysa Hutnik

Privacy & Fairness Considerations for ML-Powered Recommender Systems

IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022
April 10-13, 2022”,“Webinar
Alysa Hutnik

2022 Antitrust Mergers Practice Workshop

May 19, 2022”,“Webinar
Alysa Hutnik


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Credential Stuffing: Cyber Best Practices from NY Attorney General’s Latest Report

In guidance released last week, the New York State Office of the Attorney General urged businesses to incorporate safeguards to detect and prevent credential-stuffing attacks in their data security programs.  The guidance stemmed from the AG’s finding that 1.1 million customer accounts at well-known” companies appeared to have been compromised in credential-stuffing attacks.

Roofing Company Wants to End Sponsorship and Stop Clowning Around

The Jacksonville Jaguars didn’t have the best season. In addition to finishing last in the AFC South, drama off the field led to fans staging a clown out,” by wearing rainbow wigs and painted faces to season finale. Faced with the prospect of being associated with the clown out, Roofclaim​.com – one of the team’s sponsors – filed a lawsuit against the Jaguars, seeking damages, an injunction to stop the team from using its trademarks, and rescission of the sponsorship agreement.

FTC Advises Companies to Remediate Log4j Vulnerability

In an unusual warning to companies running Java applications with Log4j in their environments, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently cautioned that it intends to use its full legal authority to pursue companies that fail to take reasonable steps to protect consumer data from exposure as a result of Log4j[] or similar known vulnerabilities in the future.” All companies with consumer information should take heed, assessing information security risks on their systems and devices and implementing policies to guard against foreseeable risks.

NY Lawmakers Introduce Sustainability Requirements for Fashion Industry

Last week, New York lawmakers announced a bill aimed at imposing sustainability reporting requirements on the fashion industry. If passed, the Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act would generally require major fashion retailers to map their supply chains, make various disclosures on their websites, and commit to reducing their environmental impact.

State Attorneys General 2022 Predictions

State Attorneys General are already off to the races in 2022 – both with a significant number of election campaigns in full swing and an uptick in their consumer protection enforcement efforts.  As a result, State AG consumer protection topics will play a big part of 2022.  Our Kelley Drye State Attorneys General team will present a webinar on these State AG priorities on January 27.  In the meantime, we provide a snapshot of what’s to come this year.

The FTC’s Magnuson-Moss Rulemaking Process – Still an Uphill Climb

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the FTC’s rulemaking procedures under Section 18 of the FTC Act (also known as Mag-Moss” rulemaking). Long decried as too burdensome and difficult to use on a regular basis, this tool is now being celebrated for its enormous, untapped potential to establish industry-wide standards and enable the FTC to get monetary relief in its cases, post-AMG. (AMG didn’t affect the FTC authority to obtain monetary relief when it’s enforcing a rule.)

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