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Commercial-Speech Regulations Must Be No More Extensive Than Necessary

Co-authored the Washington Legal Foundation Legal Opinion Letter Commercial-Speech Regulations Must Be No More Extensive Than Necessary.” The letter is part of a six-paper series on First Amendment commercial-speech rights and discusses two key cases: Ocheesee Creamery LLC v. Putnam and Chiropractors United for Research & Education, LLC v. Conway.

CFPB Issues Final Rule Prohibiting Mandatory Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements for Covered Consumer Financial Products and Services

The Federal Register published today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) final rule that was announced last week and would prohibit providers of covered consumer financial products and services from using pre-dispute arbitration agreements to compel consumers to participate in arbitration to resolve disputes concerning the product or service. The final rule substantially mirrors the rule proposed by the Bureau in May 2016, which we discussed here. The final rule is based on the CFPB’s findings that pre-dispute arbitration agreements are being widely used to prevent consumers from seeking relief from legal violations on a class basis, and that consumers rarely file individual lawsuits or arbitration cases to obtain such relief.



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