IN FASHION: Kelley Drye’s 7th Annual Fashion & Retail Law Summit

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With the Supreme Court releasing its long-awaited opinion in AMG Capital Management v. FTC, it was quite a week on the Section 13 (b)log:

Supreme Court Finds Section 13(b) Does Not Allow for Monetary Remedies

Can Congress Amend Section 13(b) to Allow for Retroactive Restitution?

With a Supreme Court Decision Pending, Will Congress Intervene to Clarify the FTC’s Enforcement Authorities Under 13(b)?



Tips from the Experts - Defending TCPA Lawsuits – Using Data Analysis Strategies and Suppor

April 29, 2021”,“Webinar
Kelley Drye & Warren and CompliacePoint Webinar
Lauri MazzuchettiBecca Wahlquist

If you communicate with clients and prospects through phone call, text message, or fax campaigns, you are certainly familiar with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) that applies to these and other areas of direct marketing and consumer contacts. With more than 3,000 TCPA individual and class action lawsuits being levied each year, the business risks and potential for significant monetary exposure have greatly increased. Join us as we discuss how to use data to defend your company from TCPA suits when they do arise and how to work with your legal team.

Wage & Hour Laws: How To Avoid Common Pitfalls

May 18, 2021”,“Webinar
12:30 - 1:30 PM ET

The DOL’s Wage and Hour Division recovered a record $322 million in wages owed to workers in 2019 and found, on average, $1,025 for each employee due back wages. As employers face employees become more informed about their rights, employers should also stay on top of the ever-changing federal and state wage and hour laws to avoid run-ins with the Department of Labor and state labor agencies.

Join the Kelley Drye Labor and Employment team for a detailed review of today’s wage and hour laws and coverage of the most commonly made errors, including:

  • Misclassifying Non-Exempt Employees As Exempt

  • Failing To Recognize What Time is Compensable

  • Misclassifying Employees As Independent Contractors

  • Failing To Comply With Both State And Federal Wage And Hour Requirements

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