Where to Find More Info on the FTC’s Top Rules for 2022

State Attorneys General Address National Health Crises, One Person at a Time

New Mexico Attorney General Settles Google Children’s Privacy Cases: A Unique Settlement Adds to a Complicated Landscape

Senate Hearing on Promoting Competition and Privacy in the Tech Sector: Two Hearings in One?

What Rulemaking is the FTC planning for 2022? Now We Know

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Federal Trade Commission Past, Present and Future

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Here are the most read Ad Law Access posts from all 144 months of 2021:

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Florida Takes Page Out of TCPA’s Book with New Legislation

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CPRA Update: What is a Contractor?”

New ESG Lawsuit Targets Aspirational Statements

CPRA Update: How to Prepare for Privacy Compliance as an Employer

Smart (CA) TVs Are Listening: California Assembly Passes Voice Recognition Device Bill Headed to Senate

State Attorneys General Lay Out Consumer Protection Priorities for 2022

Peloton Faces Uphill Ride on Ever-Growing” Claims

Privacy Litigation Trend: The Latest on Session Replay Lawsuits, and Practical Considerations for Risk Mitigation

Supreme Court Defines ATDS Under The TCPA

Key Developments in CCPA Litigation for Q1 2021

Post-AMG Scorecard: The FTC is Required to Pay Receiver’s fees in Cardiff

FTC and Right to Repair


Data Security 101

Deepfake Best Practices Amid Developing Legal Practices

Privacy Compliance Tech-Tools and Strategies

State Privacy Laws: How We Got Here and Where We Are Headed

Health Claims Under the Biden Administration

What to Expect in Consumer Financial Protection and FinTech in 2021

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Tools of Trade: How U.S. Manufacturers Can Combat Unfairly Traded Imports

EPA Plan Changes PFAS Outlook For Companies, Regulators

2021 House Ways And Means Tax Proposals

What Does The SEC Approved NASDAQ Diversity Proposal Mean For Boards?

Top Environmental Social & Governance Concerns for Corporate Boards

Maryland’s Controversial Tax on Digital Advertising Explained

The Biden Tax Plan


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