Reminder: Federal Communications Commission Section 1.767 Quarterly Submarine Cable Licensee Reports Due September 30, 2013

Kelley Drye Client Advisory

Please be reminded of the upcoming due date for the Reports listed below:

Section 1.767  Quarterly Circuit Status and Provisioning and Maintenance Reports
Section 1.767 reports must be filed by submarine cable licensees that:

(i) are, or are affiliated with, carriers with market power in any of the submarine cable’s WTO Member destination countries and;

(ii)  that have sought streamlined processing of a cable landing license, pursuant to section 1.767 of the Commission’s rules.

The section 1.767 provisioning and maintenance reports and circuit status reports must be filed for those U.S. international routes on which the carrier is regulated as dominant.  Both reports are due within 90 days from the end of each calendar quarter.  The report for the calendar quarter of April 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013 must be filed with the FCC by September 30, 2013.

Section 1.767 Provisioning and Maintenance Report

The provisioning and maintenance report summarizes the provisioning and maintenance of all network facilities and services procured from the filer’s foreign carrier affiliate, in the destination market, on those routes on which the filer is considered dominant.

The report must contain the following information: the types and volume or quantity of provisioned services and facilities; the time interval between order and delivery; and the number of outages and intervals between fault report and facility or service restoration.

Section 1.767 Circuit Status Report

The circuit status report must be filed in the format set out in section 43.82 of the Commission’s rules and must report the status of all circuits used to provide international service on those routes on which the filer is considered dominant.  Activated or idle circuits must be reported on a facility-by-facility basis.

Please be advised that attorneys in Kelley Drye & Warren’s Communications practice group are experienced in addressing international reporting issues and are able to assist clients in filing the international carrier reports.

For further information on any of these filings please contact your usual Kelley Drye attorney.