New Illinois Pay-to-Play Laws

Kelley Drye Client Advisory

As of January 1, 2009, Illinois will have one of the most stringent Pay-To-Play” laws in the country. In general, a so-called state or local Pay-To-Play” law prohibits a government contractor or prospective government contractor from making a political contribution to a political candidate or officeholder that awards government contracts or has influence over procurement decisions. Violations of these Pay-To-Play” laws may result in criminal or civil penalties for a government contractor. In Illinois, a state contract may be voided or not awarded to a public contractor or prospective public contractor who violates the law.

Kelley Drye’s Campaign Finance and Political Law Practice Group has prepared a client advisory which gives an overview of the new Pay-To-Play Executive Order and statute. It also discusses who is affected by the new law, the penalties if the law is violated and the difference between the Executive Order and statute.