New gTLD Sunrise Periods for Gaming, Entertainment and Retail Companies

Kelley Drye Client Advisory

The following open gTLD Sunrise Periods may be of interest to companies in the gaming, entertainment and retail industries who wish to register their trademark as a domain name. Each new gTLD operator must provide a window during which only owners of brands registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse may purchase domain names reflecting their registered marks before offering second level domains to the general public. ICANN is announcing the new sunrise periods in rounds as new gTLDs are delegated. As explained in our previous advisory, you must register your company’s marks with ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse order to participate in the sunrise periods for the new gTLDS.

gTLDSunrise OpenSunrise Close
游戏 xn--unup4y (games)September 13, 2016November 12, 2016
娱乐 xn--fjq720a (entertainment)September 13, 2016November 12, 2016
.商店 (shop/store) .xn--czrs0tSeptember 13, 2016November 12, 2016
企业 xn--vhquv (enterprises)September 13, 2016November 12, 2016

Click here for a link to view all sunrise claim periods for recently delegated gTLDs.

For more information about the new gTLD program, please contact:

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