Layoffs Ahead? Be Smart. Be Strategic. Do It Right.

Kelley Drye Client Advisory

Kelley Drye’s Labor and Employment Practice Group has prepared an advisory Layoffs Ahead? Be Smart. Be Strategic. Do It Right.” Due to the current state of the economy, your company may be in the position where it needs to consider a layoff. This advisory includes some tips” and guidance for you to follow, outlining the issues that should be considered before you undertake any staff reduction.

I encourage you to review this carefully. A layoff is not a pleasant thing, but can be much more unpleasant if you inadvertently violate the law, and end up spending the money you wanted to save paying damages. It is worthwhile to create a plan of action before you act. Smart companies plan carefully and think about their legal obligations, so that a layoff does not spawn a rash of lawsuits. Careful planning and implementation today can prevent lawsuits and liability tomorrow.