Annual FCC Regulatory Fees Due September 23, 2014

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Please be reminded of the upcoming filing listed below:

Annual FCC Regulatory Fees

Most federal licensees and other regulated entities must pay regulatory fees to offset costs associated with the FCC’s enforcement, public service, international, policy, and rulemaking activities.  Fee amounts change each year and vary by type of activity.  Of particular interest is the Interstate Telecommunications Service Provider Fee which must be paid by most companies, including VoIP providers and audio bridging providers.  Generally, if a company filed an FCC Form 499-A in April 2014, it will owe FCC regulatory fees.

For other regulated entities, including submarine cable licensees, cable TV providers and CMRS providers, refer to the industry-specific guidance on who must pay, and how much, posted on the Commission website at http://​www​.fcc​.gov/​r​e​gfees.

Regulatory fees must be paid no later than 11:59 PM on September 23, 2014, Eastern Daylight Time.  Payers should note that only electronic payment of regulatory fees will be accepted this year, and payment must be received by the Commission by the date and time above. Failure to meet the payment deadline will result in late payment penalties of 25% being applied.  The FCC does not waive late payment penalties.

The Commission will not issue bills for the regulatory fees and it is the licensee’s responsibility to determine the fees owed (regardless of the amount posted on the Fee Filer system).  All licensees and regulatees must utilize the FCC’s Fee Filer system to coordinate paying any fees.  Fee Filer is now available for payment of 2014 regulatory fees and it can be found at http://​tran​si​tion​.fcc​.gov/​f​e​e​s​/​f​e​e​f​i​l​e​r​.html.


Please be advised that attorneys in Kelley Drye & Warren’s Communications Practice Group are experienced in addressing Federal Communications Commission reporting issues and are able to assist clients in paying regulatory fees.  For information on the fee amount applicable to your company, please feel free to contact us or visit our blog at www​.comm​law​mon​i​tor​.com.

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