2020 Election Analysis

Kelley Drye Client Advisory

As we have done for every U.S. national election since 2004, we are pleased to share with you Kelley Drye’s 2020 Election Analysis, prepared by the firm’s Government Relations and Public Policy team.

This election has been challenging and we still don’t have an unequivocal answer to who will be the next U.S. president.  At this writing, the presidency still hinges on a few battleground states including Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina and Georgia, and legal challenges have been filed in these states and others.

Despite these unknowns, we have endeavored to deliver a fulsome post-election report based on voting trends that have evolved over the last three days.  In this report you will find our analysis of the 2020 presidential, congressional and state elections, as well as a look at the 116th and 117th Congress and the top policy issues facing the next administration and Congress.

We are closely monitoring election results nationwide and should the trajectory of any key national races change, we will follow with an update to this report.