Today, the United Kingdom imposed sanctions on more than 350 Russian individuals and entities, including Russian oligarchs, officials, elites, and their families. Also targeted by the expanded UK asset freeze measures are Russian actors engaged in certain cyber activities and operations, including the proliferation of disinformation and propaganda. These measures bring the United Kingdom’s Russia-related restrictions into closer alignment with the those imposed by allies.

The UK sanctioned a number of notable Russian figures, including the following:

  • Mikhail Maratovich Fridman, prominent Russian businessman, oligarch; co-founder of Alfa-Group
  • German Borisovich Khan, prominent Russian businessman, oligarch; co-founder of Alfa-Group
  • Petr Olegovich Aven, prominent Russian businessman, oligarch; former Director of Alfa-Bank
Combined, the UK sanctions reportedly apply to individuals with a collective net worth of around £100 billion. The UK also sanctioned the following Russian entities today:
  • Gas Industry Insurance Company Sogaz
  • Geopolitica
  • Internet Research Agency
  • New Eastern Outlook
  • Oriental Review
  • United World International
All accounts, and other funds or economic resources, and any funds owned or controlled by designated individuals and entities in the UK must be frozen and UK persons must refrain from dealing with frozen funds or assets unless authorized. As with U.S. blocking restrictions, reporting and anti-circumvention requirements apply.