U.S. Customs and Border Protection Update on the Federal Shutdown

According to the Acting Commissioner of Customs, Kevin McAleenan, and other senior staff, the ports are open and Customs is coordinating with the over 40 partner government agencies with representatives at the ports. Customs will continue to process cargo and collect duties. Import and entry specialists are working as are the Centers of Excellence and Expertise, Fines Penalties and Forfeitures offices, and management at Customs headquarters in D.C.

The Automated Commercial Environment will have a minimal staff and Customs will not be enforcing Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act allegations during the shutdown. However, Customs will be sending some messaging” on AD and CVD orders.

In addition, Customs will not be issuing requested rulings, monitoring quotas, or updating CBP​.gov.

McAleenan will be holding a daily briefing during the shutdown and we will update this post with any developments.