In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, USTR issued a Federal Register Notice requesting public comments on the possibility of removing the application of China Section 301 duties from medical care products, including inputs used to produce such needed medical care products.

The comment period will remain open until at least June 25, 2020, however, USTR indicated the deadline may be extended. Interested parties are encouraged to submit comments as promptly as possible. Responses to comments should be submitted within three business days after a comment is posted on the docket. USTR will review requests and comments on a rolling basis.

The announcement further indicates that comments may be submitted regarding any product covered by Section 301 duties, even if the product is subject to a pending or denied exclusion request. Commenters must identify the product of concern and explain how it relates to the COVID-19 outbreak, including whether a product is directly used to treat COVID-19 or limit the outbreak, or whether the product is used in the production of needed medical-care products.

For additional information, please contact Jennifer McCadney.

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