Kelley Drye to Host Seminar on Employee Privacy and Data Protection Issues in the Connected Workplace

On June 2, 2015, Kelley Drye will be hosting an afternoon seminar at its New York offices on the challenges employers face when balancing data security with employee privacy rights. The seminar will be presented by Labor Days’ own Barbara Hoey and Mark Konkel, joined by Alysa Hutnik of Kelley Drye’s Privacy and Information Security practice. A closed lock on a keyboard

While breaches of customer data have received most of the media scrutiny, employee data breaches also are causing company headaches. But there remain increasing pressures to also gather and utilize employee data through the monitoring of employee communications to measure productivity, maintain corporate image, and to deter or prevent wrongdoing.

The seminar will focus on key questions employers face when balancing obligations to their business and employees such as:

  • What are HR best practices in these areas?
  • What are the lessons learned from past employee data breaches?
  • What are employees’ electronic privacy rights in the workplace?
  • How should a business strike the right balance between an employee’s privacy rights and protection of the business?
  • Can employees use companies’ email systems for personal reasons?
  • Can employers monitor employee email use? Do they have to let employees know if they are doing so?
  • Can employers sanction employees for comments made on social media? What constitutes private behavior vs. behavior that can adversely affect a company’s image?
  • Can employers monitor data on personal devices that are also used for business reasons?
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