Fiscal Year 2017 EEOC Statistics are Here (and So Is Retaliation!)

Last week the EEOC released its annual report breaking down charges received during the fiscal year. In fiscal year 2017, the agency received 84,254 charges and took in $398 million between voluntary resolutions and litigation.

What’s striking is the number of retaliation charges - with 41,097 charges it is an overwhelming 48.8% of total charges filed in 2017. In second place was race with 28,528 charges, followed closely by disability in third place with 26,838. Charges based on sex were not far off with 25,605 charges in the year. The EEOC received 6,696 sexual harassment charges, which is a slight drop from fiscal year 2016’s 6,758 charges.

As employers face more internal complaints of harassment – this retaliation number further highlights the critical importance of a robust and well-honed investigation process. Employers need to handle investigations very carefully, and be mindful that the complainant (and the witnesses) may also be the source of your next retaliation complaint. Investigators and managers must be carefully trained to avoid situations which can lead to complaints or retaliation.

Overall, the EEOC resolved close to 100,000 charges in fiscal year 2017 (99,109), reducing the charge workload to the agency’s lowest inventory in a decade.