EPA Extends TSCA Chemical Data Reporting Deadline to January 29

Citing difficulties experienced by numerous submitters using EPA’s online reporting portal, the agency has extended the TSCA Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) deadline for two months.

The CDR rule requires manufacturers (including importers) of chemical substances listed on the TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory to report data on chemical manufacturing, processing, and use every four years. The information collected through the CDR program, according to the agency, helps EPA understand exposure to these chemicals and screen and prioritize chemicals to identify and evaluate potential human health and environmental effects.”

The report requires submission of detailed on-site production and downstream industrial and consumer use information for substances manufactured or imported in quantities of 25,000 pounds or more. The current reporting cycle began June 1 and was scheduled to close on November 30. The new reporting deadline is January 29.

Additional information on CDR reporting is available at EPA’s website.