Updated 499-A Form and Instructions Signal Start of 2018 USF Season

Last week, the FCC released its form and instructions for the 2018 499-A, due April 1st. The 499-A form is filed by almost all intrastate, interstate and international providers of telecommunications in the U.S. and reports historic annual revenue. Notably, the FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau did not solicit comments on the form and instructions this year, but that may be due to the lack of substantive changes from the 2017 versions. In previous years, and most recently in 2015, the Bureau sought comment on proposed revisions to the 499-A documents.

Filers, please remember to review your records carefully before filing. Now is the time to make sure that reseller certifications are in order and to update traffic studies and jurisdictional estimates. The form should also be reviewed against the prior year’s form for consistency. Significant changes, such as large increases or decreases in revenue, on a particular line or the absence of revenue reporting on a line where revenue was reported the prior year, are red flags that almost always generate additional USAC scrutiny.

Finally, remember that downward revisions to the 2017 Form must be filed by March 31st.

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