Snow Closes FCC for 4th Day

The DC area has been hit with back to back snowstorms since February 5, causing the FCC to close for four straight days. This is the first time I can remember the FCC being closed for such a long time period.

We are starting to see the impact of the closure. The FCC’s open meeting originally scheduled for today has been postponed a week, to February 18th. The FCC’s electronic docketing systems have not been updated since mid-day on Friday, February 5th, putting significant strains on many proceedings before the Commission. I have one proceeding, for example, where comments were due on the 5th. Maybe half of all comments appear in the docket so far, and the February 22 reply date is rapidly approaching. I hope the FCC will grant an extension of the reply date when it finally opens again.

Kudos to all those snowplow operators, emergency services personnel and utility technicians who have toiled so long and hard in what turned out to be a blizzard we will remember forever.