President Obama Announces Nomination of Julius Genachowski as FCC Chairman

The Obama FCC” took one giant step toward reality today when President Obama formally announced his intention to nominate” Julius Genachowski as Chairman of the FCC. Genachowski’s nomination has been expected for some time, but apparently was delayed when President Obama revamped his process for vetting candidates after several high-profile withdrawals by key nominees.

Genachowski comes with stellar credentials including two Supreme Court clerkships, a prior stint as advisor to FCC Chairman Reed Hundt and several years at Barry Diller’s Internet company, IAC. Virtually every telecom organization took turns today praising the incoming chairman.

Genachowski is expected to further President Obama’s policies to promote broadband deployment and net neutrality. Genachowski’s nomination must be approved by the Senate, so he may not formally take office for a few months.