Nominations Sought for USAC Board Positions

One of the hottest areas in enforcement and litigation is the Federal Universal Service Fund. In fact, with USAC embarking on an expanded set of audits and investigations since August, USF disputes are about to multiply. Therefore, news that the FCC is seeking nominations for Board members of USAC is important to this blog.

In a Public Notice yesterday, the FCC announced it is seeking nominations for seven positions on USAC’s 19-member board of directors. Two of the positions are vacant, the other five are for members whose terms are expiring. The FCC is seeking nominations for these positions:

  • Representative for cable operators (vacant)
  • Representative for interexchange carriers (vacant)
  • Representative for mobile providers
  • Representative for supported schools
  • Representative for supported libraries
  • Representative for consumer advocates
  • Representative for non-rural incumbent LECs

Nominations must be submitted by October 27.