Kelley Drye Webinar Recap: Disability Laws & LGBT Rights in the Workplace

On April 19, Kelley Drye's Labor and Employment and Communications practice groups held the first in a series of joint webinars on labor issues affecting communications and technology companies.

Barbara E. Hoey, partner and chair of Kelley Drye’s Labor and Employment Practice Group, along with partner, Mark A. Konkel guided participants through current federal, state and administrative laws covering disability and discrimination in the workplace, particularly as it relates to LGBT employees. The webinar was moderated by Steven A. Augustino, partner in Kelley Drye’s Communication Practice Group.

The webinar presentation included, among other discussions:

  • Protections for LGBT individuals in the workplace and their evolution over time through judicial decision-making, administrative agency action, and state and local legislation
  • Actions by the EEOC to enforce the so-called “alphabet soup of disability laws” and championing the rights of LGBT employees in the workplace; noting that LGBT protections will continue to evolve as laws are passed nation-wide
  • Overview of key cases and regulations governing disability and sex discrimination in the workplace, including but not limited to, Title VII, ADA, FMLA, GINA, as well as state/local protections
  • Specific examples of LGBT sex discrimination and difficult management scenarios employers should be aware of, including issues raised by transgender employees regarding access to bathroom facilities, time-off for medical procedures, harassment by other employees, and providing “reasonable accommodation”
  • Recommendations to employers on how to be proactive in terms of policy and training to avoid costly litigation when confronted with these issues
If you have questions or would like to know more about this topic, please do not hesitate to contact Barbara, Mark or Steve.

NOTE - The next webinar in the series will be held on May 25: Its 9 AM, Do You Know Where Your Employees Are? FLSA Compliance Issues with a Remote Workforce

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Mark A. Konkel Kelley Drye & Warren LLP Partner – Labor & Employment Group (212) 808-7959 [email protected]

Steve Augustino Kelley Drye & Warren LLP Partner- Communications Group (202) 342-8612 [email protected]