Join Kelley Drye at the 15th Annual Privacy & Data Security Symposium

Many stewards of the Internet’s most popular websites, online services, and platforms have historically funded their products and services by harnessing the value of consumer data, with varying degrees of transparency about what data they collect, how they use it, and what third parties do with it. Consumers, public interest groups, some tech companies, regulators, and governments across the world have increasingly criticized this state of affairs – and called for reform.

This event will present an in-depth discussion of key trends in these reform efforts, including the growing role of consumer data rights, increasing platform regulation, and ongoing debates over the efficacy of enforcement efforts.

Communications Practice Chair John Heitmann, co-chair of the FCBA’s Privacy and Data Security Committee, will moderate the Enforcement session, and host the keynote Q&A with FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks.

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