Interstate Telecommunications Service Provider and Commercial Mobile Radio Service Provider FY2014 Regulatory Fee Data Available

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that Interstate Telecommunication Service Provider (ITSP) and Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) data, on which FY2014 regulatory fees will be based, is now available on Fee Filer – the FCC’s electronic filing and payment system. The FCC has not yet released its FY2014 Regulatory Fees Report and Order but we anticipate regulatory fees will be due in the latter half of September.

Providers that must pay the ITSP regulatory fee (which includes providers with both interstate and international qualifying telecommunications revenues) can log into the Fee Filer system to view a worksheet identifying their FCC Form 499-A revenues and the regulatory fee revenue base will be identified on Line 14. Affected providers will not be able to revise any revenue errors using the Fee Filer system. If the provider believes the revenue figure is incorrect, the provider must submit a revised Form 499-A to USAC. Once the Commission releases its FY2014 Regulatory Fee Order, the revenue amount in the Fee Filer system will be used to determine the provider’s ITSP regulatory fee obligation. Consequently, we strongly recommend providers that must pay the ITSP regulatory fee access the Fee Filer system as soon as possible to ensure the provider has time to revise its Form 499-A if necessary.

CMRS providers can view and revise their subscriber count information in the Fee Filer system. The Commission will review and either approve or deny any revisions to subscriber counts and revisions must be made by September 10, 2014 to ensure the FCC can timely enter final subscriber counts before regulatory fees are due. After September 10, 2014, revision requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Note: the FCC will no longer send CMRS Assessment letter to CMRS providers. Accordingly, CMRS providers should be sure to review and, if necessary, correct their data in the Fee Filer system.

The FCC actively enforces the regulatory fee payment requirement and failure to meet the payment deadline will result in late payment penalties of 25% being applied. The FCC does not waive these late payment penalties.