International Bureau Reminds Filers - Section 43.62 International Traffic and Revenue Reporting Requirement Temporarily Waived

As we reported in an earlier blog post, on May 1, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission’s (Commission) International Bureau (Bureau) issued an Order temporarily waiving the annual Section 43.62 International Traffic and Revenue Reporting (the Traffic and Revenue Report) requirement. The Traffic and Revenue Report filing, normally due by July 31 each year, is temporarily waived pending the outcome of an ongoing Commission rulemaking proceeding that, among other changes, proposes to eliminate the international Traffic and Revenue Report. The Bureau’s Order waived the Traffic and Revenue Report filing until 60 days after the Commission issues an Order in the pending rulemaking proceeding. The Commission has not yet issued an Order in that proceeding, and by e-mail correspondence sent today to Traffic and Revenue Report filers, the Bureau reminded filers that the reporting waiver remains in effect and stated the Commission currently will not be accepting the Traffic and Revenue Reports or waivers for the 2016 reporting period.

We continue to monitor this rulemaking proceeding so be sure to check back for updates. If you would like additional information regarding the pending rulemaking proceeding, please see Kelley Drye’s client advisory or contact your regular Kelley Drye attorney.