FCC Seeking More Comment on Allowing VoIP Providers Direct Access to Numbers

With new access charge obligations for interconnected VoIP, new contribution obligations for non-interconnected VoIP, and possible outage reporting requirements, 2012 is shaping up as a year of changes for VoIP providers. Another possible change may be in store for how VoIP providers obtain access to telephone numbers.

Since 2005, various petitions have been pending seeking a waiver of FCC rules to allow interconnected VoIP providers to obtain direct access to numbering resources through the North American Numbering Plan Administrator and the Pooling Administrator. In March 2011, Vonage renewed its request for waiver and submitted supplemental information in support of its request. Shortly after Christmas, the FCC released a Public Notice seeking comment on Vonage’s filing and its supplemental materials. With a brief extension granted, the comments are due on January 25.

VoIP providers and CLECs serving VoIP providers should monitor this docket closely.