FCC Releases Wireless Microphone Small Entity Compliance Guidance

The Federal Communications Commission today released a small entity compliance guide regarding its June 2, 2014 Second Report and Order expanding the types of entities that are eligible to operate wireless microphones. When all of the new rules become effective, professional sound companies and the owners and operators of large venues that routinely use 50 or more wireless microphones as an integral part of major events or productions will be permitted to obtain wireless microphone licenses. Most of the new wireless microphone rules will be effective on August 13, 2014. However, significantly, the primary rule expanding the license eligibility (Section 74.832) has to be first approved by the Office of Management and Budget under the Paperwork Reduction Act before it is made effective.

Once Section 74.832 takes effect, the newly eligible entities will be required to apply to the FCC at least 30 days prior to the event for which they seek protection and meet all applicable eligibility criteria. Licenses may be granted for up to ten years, and licensees must register qualifying events in the TV broadcast database.