FCC Data Innovation Initiative Highlights Compliance Obligations

Yesterday, the FCC launched a review of its data collection practices, which it termed its Data Innovation Initiative.” Most relevant to the scope of this blog is the inventory of compliance obligations released by each FCC Bureau. The FCC’s notice highlights just how extensive the reporting obligations are for carriers and other regulated entities.

The Data Innovation Initiative public notice is available here. As described by the FCC, the Initiative is designed to modernize and streamline how [the Commission] collects, uses and disseminates data.” Accompanying the initiative are three public notices establishing comment periods concerning the data collection requirements adopted by each of the main three bureaus -- Wireline Competition, Wireless Telecommunications and Media. Each bureau’s public notice is accompanied by an inventory” of data collection activities approved by the Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”). The inventories list the following number of data collection requirements:

Wireline Competition Bureau inventory: 104 data collection requirements

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau inventory: 96 data collection requirements

Media Bureau inventory: 140 data collection requirements