FCC Announces Shut Down Plan

With only hours (as of this writing) before a likely government shutdown over the budget, the FCC finally released its shutdown plan.

UPDATE 4/9/11: Congress reached a resolution of the FY 2011 budget battle late last night. The President’s discussion is available here, and Speaker Boehner’s release is available here. Congress passed a short-term continuing resolution to avert a shutdown, and are preparing a bill to fund the government through the remainder of FY 2011. It appears, therefore, that the FCC shutdown plan will not be needed.

As expected, virtually all of the FCC’s 1788 employees will be furloughed in the event of a shutdown. However, the FCC Chairman and Commissioners will still be on the job because they are not paid through annual appropriations. 15 employees in the Inspector General’s office that oversee the Universal Service Fund also are not paid through appropriations, but the FCC says it may need to furlough these employees due to a lack of expected supervisors. (USAC is a non-government entity. There has been no word yet, but I expect they will remain open).

A handful of employees will be retained under the protection of life and property” standard. In addition, one senior manager in many offices and divisions will work as needed” to protect life or property. The FCC plan identifies the offices/divisions but does not identify the individuals.

To see the plan, click here.