Compliance Reminder: Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet Due November 1

What: FCC Form 499Q: Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet - Quarterly Filing for Universal Service Contributors. Contributors must project 1Q telecommunications revenues for 2011 and report actual telecommunications revenues for 2Q 2010.

When: Due on November 1, 2010

Who must file: All carriers that are required to contribute to the maintenance of universal support mechanisms. De minimis contributors (those with an annual contribution to the FCC’s Universal Service Fund below $10,000) need not file a 499Q but must keep records demonstrating their de minimis status.

See the KDW Client Advisory for more information.

REMINDER: Revisions to the 499Q must be filed within 45 days of this deadline.

REMINDER: CMRS and interconnected VoIP providers that rely on traffic studies instead of the jurisdictional safe harbor must submit their studies quarterly.