You Can Hide Your Covid-Brows, But Don’t Hide Covid Fees

Two articles from the weekend perusal of the Washington Post are worthy of mention here. First, it seems that pandemic eyebrows are driving us all crazy. I don’t have an answer for that problem other than to acknowledge that the struggle is real and none of us stands alone.

Pandemic Eyebrows[/caption]

Second, and possibly more importantly, WaPo reported that there has been an uptick in consumer complaints relating to companies charging hidden covid fees to cover the costs of personal protective equipment, enhanced cleaning, etc. The article states as follows:

According to a survey by The Washington Post of attorney general offices and financial departments in 52 states and territories, U.S. consumers in 29 states have filed 510 complaints of coronavirus-related surcharges at dentist offices, senior living facilities, hair salons and restaurants.”

The article includes discussion of several facilities of the types listed above and fee-related complaints and conundrums.

As the readers of this blog know, customer complaints can contribute to regulatory scrutiny of individual businesses or business practices. Fees relating to safety equipment and cleaning may be allowed in many contexts, but they must be disclosed. Failure to disclose may run afoul of federal and state consumer protection laws. Put another way, there’s no shame in hiding your covid brows, but don’t try to hide covid fees.


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