Several CCPA Amendments Move Forward in California State Legislature

On April 23, the California Assembly’s Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection held a hearing to discuss a number of proposed amendments to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Here are some of the key bills the Committee voted to move forward:

  • Assembly Bill 25: seeks to amend the definition of a “consumer” to exclude personal information from a job applicant, employee, contractor, or agent.
  • Assembly Bill 846: seeks to amend the prohibitions on a business from differential treatment of a consumer by excluding a consumer’s voluntary participation in a loyalty, rewards, premium features, discount, or club card program.
  • Assembly Bill 873: seeks to broaden the definition of “deindentified” and remove “is capable of being associated with” and “household” from the definition of “personal information.”
  • Assembly Bill 874: seeks to redefine “publicly available” to mean information that is lawfully made available from federal, state, or local records and delete language specifying the conditions in which that information is not “publicly available.” The bill also seeks to amend the definition of “personal information” to exclude deidentified or aggregate consumer information.
  • Assembly Bill 981: seeks to exempt insurance institutions, agents, and insurance-support organizations (i.e., organizations assembling or collecting information about natural persons for the primary purpose of providing the information to an insurance institution or agent for insurance transactions) from complying with CCPA.
  • Assembly Bill 1564: seeks to amend the methods businesses must make available to consumers for submitting requests for specified information businesses are required to be disclosed.
In related news, as we discussed last week, the California Senate Judiciary Committee also held a hearing on April 23 that included SB-753 on the agenda. However, Senator Henry Stern (who introduced the bill) pulled SB-753 from the agenda towards the end of the hearing. It is not clear if or when the bill will be rescheduled for a hearing.

We will continue to monitor these bills and provide updates as they become available.