Kansas AG Action Offers Reminder That States Monitor Do-Not-Call Compliance

A few days ago, a Kansas state court entered a default judgment against Bullseye Target Marketing, a Missouri telemarketing company that solicited roofing business in Kansas, in an action brought by the Kansas Attorney General alleging violations of the Kansas No-Call Act (the state analogue to the federal Telemarketing Sales Rule). The court ordered the company to pay $600,000 in penalties. The action was filed after the Attorney General received complaints from Kansas consumers that they received unsolicited calls offering to schedule roof inspections in areas that had experienced storm damage, despite their numbers being registered on the state do-not-call list. The Kansas No-Call Act generally prohibits businesses from placing telemarketing calls to consumers registered on the state do-not-call list.

This Attorney General action should serve as a reminder that do-not-call compliance is not only being monitored and enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, but states, too, are active in the area.